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London・Los Angeles・Las Vegas

Oct 8 2014: Warpaint concert
Oct 17 2014: Meeting Neil Patrick Harris

Glee・Ryan Seacrest・30STM・Justin Timberlake・Taylor Swift・Linkin Park + more

Waiting for:
Glee S6・1989

Castle S7・Family Guy S12・Red Band Society・Saturday Night Live S40・Blackish

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You Ruin Me - The Veronicas・Linkin Park discography・My Everything - Ariana Grande

Cory Monteith + Finn Hudson
Our Hero + Our Quarterback
5/11/82 - 7/13/13

is it scary how well I know this map?

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    even scarier that I know how out of date this map is :/
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    It’s been nearly 7 years, & I still know this map like the back of my hand. I miss London
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    Ahh I miss being able to see this everyday.
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    mmmyes all i know’s the damned Piccadilly line oh god
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