Harry Potter Magical Wand

London・Los Angeles・Las Vegas

Oct 8 2014: Warpaint concert
Oct 17 2014: Meeting Neil Patrick Harris

Glee・Ryan Seacrest・30STM・Justin Timberlake・Taylor Swift・Linkin Park + more

Waiting for:
Glee S6・1989

Castle S7・Family Guy S12・Red Band Society・Saturday Night Live S40・Blackish

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You Ruin Me - The Veronicas・Linkin Park discography・My Everything - Ariana Grande

Cory Monteith + Finn Hudson
Our Hero + Our Quarterback
5/11/82 - 7/13/13



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I’m lying in bed crying my eyes or because I just remembered my 17th birthday when my mum told me that my present from my sister who was living in Boston had come in the mail and was sitting on my bed and when I got to my room the door was closed which was odd so I slowly opened the door to my sister’s room and there was an open suitcase lying on the floor and I yelled no and cried and cried before even opening my door and seeing my sister sitting there because it was the happiest moment of my life.

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"Behind the scenes of the new WARPAINT video 👯💕” Photo by Lilah Skye.

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words of wisdom by jenny lee lindberg


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why is it so hard for you to understand?

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somewhere in pawnee, indiana tumblr user ben talltyrionlannister is really popular in the game of thrones fandom probably

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smile :)

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Me: Hi, I’m Devika! I’d just like to congratulate you for all you’ve done but most importantly for being married to Cobie Smulders for one episode.
Neil: *laughs* Thanks, yeah one of two guys! or Only out of two guys!
Me: I love Taran! Out of two great guys! Thank you so much.
Neil: *looks into my eyes and smiles hugely* You’re welcome. 

Boston - October 17, 2014

Just met Neil Patrick Harris. Not only am I in love with this photo, but he really is the loveliest person ever.

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I’m ready!!!

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Jenny totally understanding everything Stella is saying in Polish

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