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Cory Monteith + Finn Hudson
Our Hero + Our Quarterback
5/11/82 - 7/13/13

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Psh….Even Tomo is a Shangirl! ;)

Crying a little that you said that because I ship Shomo like it’s my job.

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@msleamichele me and my two favorite boys :)

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Favourite Glee Songs || 02.13. Comeback » Sing

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Old School Mars by ModernMyth.

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The Kill @ Chula Vista

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I wanna make my sidebar description

"Glee and Tomo Milicevic are the most important things in my life." 

or something like that but I love my description the way it is right now.


When my friends start typing NO in all uppercase at me I know I’ve done a good job

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I love your tumblr! I love the Cory angel! I love how we like the same things! Just wondering, do you remember where you were and how you felt when Cory passed away? For myself, I can't pinpoint where I was exactly, but the news hit me like a ton of bricks. I was in such shock, I didn't cry until days later, breaking down in the dark in bed. I cried for him & for Lea. I've dealt with similar issues like Cory (not hardcore drugs though) so I also cried thinking that could've happened to me.

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Hey babe. So this is going to be a pretty long response but first I want to say thank you for messaging me and connecting with me and thank you for the compliments! The Cory angel is so special to me, especially since that is a picture of him from his last ever Glee photoshoot. I’m glad you love it too. I also realized that you like Jared, so that makes things even better! 

The thing is I do remember every single little detail about where I was and how I felt the day we lost Cory. From July 6-13 my family was on an Alaskan cruise in the middle of nowhere. On July 13th, the day Cory died, we were on a 10 hour or maybe even longer train ride through the Alaskan forest. There was no cell service and no internet. We arrived at this lodge area where there was this little cabin we stayed in. There was one bunk bed where my sister and I slept and a bigger bed where my parents were.

I decided to get an early night that night and went to bed. But right before I did, I got a text from a friend that will remain unnamed. The text was very crudely and poorly written because all it said was, “CORY. DEAD.” I didn’t understand so I put my phone to charge and went to sleep, even though I had a pit in my stomach. The second I woke up I still had that pit so I lunged for my phone. I had some texts. One of them said, “A Glee actor died in Vancouver. Was it the one you met?” Another was from one of my best friends, Sammy, and all it said was, “Are you okay?” I will always remember that text because it said so much in so little about how well Sammy knows me and how she knew exactly what to say. 

I just remember saying, “oh my god. Oh my god I think Cory Monteith is dead.” My parents were all just like, “what? how?” I wasn’t sure if it was true so I ran to my sister in the bathroom and said, “I think Cory Monteith died what do I do?” We didn’t have Internet connection but she moved her phone all over the room until she could connect to 3G and I read an article. I just remember sitting in the bathroom with slight tears on my face, but no full blown crying. I was so upset but nobody really comforted me.

We were on a tight schedule so my family walked to the breakfast cabin. I must have looked a sight because there were tears silently streaming down my face. I was wearing a moose hat with long arms that I had bought in Alaska, using the paws to wipe away my tears. I remember that one of the hardest things I had to do was stop crying because strangers kept coming up to me complimenting my hat. I had to be polite and respond, so I never got my chance to cry. For almost a year after Cory’s passing, I hated blueberry syrup and pancakes, because in that breakfast tent I got blueberry syrup and pancakes and I just couldn’t eat them because all I did was stare at them and slowly cry. 

We went on a bus to our next destination and a mini-safari through and Alaskan national park. I remember sitting on the bus at the window seat wide awake while the rest of my family next to me snoozed. I put on the Glee Cast artist on my iPod and tried to listen, but the only two songs I could listen to were All or Nothing and Keep Holding On. Especially Keep Holding On. I would be fine but there were moments when I suddenly remembered that Cory was dead and I would start crying again on the bus. My tears were short and sporadic. 

We arrived at our second lodge and I was heartbroken. My dad tried to take pictures of my sister, mother, and I, but my body couldn’t smile. I couldn’t bring up any amount of joy and all I did was stare straight ahead. There was a kid wearing a John Green shirt and I yelled “DFTBA!” at him, and that was the only moment of the day where I showed any normal emotion. This place had Internet in the restaurant, so all through dinner I was on my phone on tumblr reading and reblogging. I ordered a personal veggie pizza but I didn’t eat a bite of it. My stomach wouldn’t let me and I cried openly at the table. I will always remember the waitress asking me questions and me looking her in the eyes and answering her while I was crying. I always wonder what she was thinking. I ordered ice cream without finishing my meal, but I could only eat a little bit. 

My mom then said, “This is grief. You just need to go into the hotel room and have a nice good cry.” So after dinner we went to the room and I got into the shower and I remember trying so, so hard to cry my eyes out, but not one single tear came. Ever since that day, I have never had a long cry over Cory’s death. They’ve always been short, two minute cries that go just as quickly as they came.

The one feeling I will always take away from that day, July 14th, is the feeling of loneliness and isolation. I was in the middle of nowhere with no contact to the outside world during a time when I needed to be in the loop about everything that was going on. And since that day I’ve developed a severe phobia of being trapped or isolated somewhere where I have no control. 

I’m sorry this got so long. I started typing and I couldn’t stop. Hell, I even started crying remembering all this. But this is my story and Cory Monteith means more to me than anything in the world.

I’m also very inspired to know that you are hopefully getting better and recovering from any battles you’re fighting right now, and I’d love to hear your story.

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Pop punk bands saying "friends" BY 153,998 plays


Pop punk bands saying “friends”

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I saw ur post abt Mars fanfics: if ur a Shangirl try the fics by @Ellie490, @lipstickcameraclick, @deathbymarsfiction, @ichbinharleyquinn and the mother load of all: @dirtysextomars

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Here’s one of my favorites: http://www.literotica.com/s/a-leto-tag-team BTW it’s NSFW

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try jaredletofanfiction on here

@1000xiveplayedthisgame: I love your url so much.

Thanks babes! I’ll be sure to see what some of these are about.

And to the original anon: who the hell isn’t a Shangirl?? ;)

Best of Glee:
S02E18 Born This Way

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I’m watching Alexander and I’m always like why do people ship Jared and Colin so hard and fifteen fucking minutes into this movie I see it.

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do you ever listen to a song and remember exactly what life was like when you first heard it

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